Fat Boys Pizza
About Fat Boys Pizza


A little extra cheese...

It's been almost twenty years since we answered that question and scribbled those simple thoughts about Fat Boys Pizza on the back of a napkin (our first marketing plan). I was a recent graduate of MSU, and along with a great education (Go Green), I knew a thing or two about making pizza from having taken a few spins on the corporate dance floor. I figured going into business on my own, even if I failed, I would still be fed.

So Fat Boys Pizza came to be, and I still remember the look on the faces of my Father (an IBM executive) and Mother (homemaker extraordinaire) as I showed off my dough flipping skills in my post -graduate professional dress....jeans and a t-shirt. "This is what we get after four years of college?!" was written all over them. But none of us could ever have imagined that Fat Boys Pizza would become such a great source of pride for all of us twenty years later, and a journey of a lifetime for me.   With memories being made pizza by pizza the script continues to be written, so with that, my Mother thanks you...my Father thanks you...and I thank you for making working in a t-shirt for a living so much fun!