Voted Best Pizza in Holt for Over 10 Years

Holt's Hometown Favorite Since 1990

Why Fat Boys Tonight?

We have one store in which the owner wears an apron and not a suit. We make your dough and sauce right here by following recipes. We won’t skimp on your portions or send toys with your order, but we will deliver slammin’ good food with exceptional service at a fair price. As active contributors to the Holt schools and community for over twenty years, we are now proudly serving a second generation. If we do make a mistake - call us - we’ll fix it. Since 1990 we’ve been keepin’ folks happy, if you haven’t tried us before - take us for a spin around the block and see what our customers rave about. You’ll be back.

A Little Extra Cheese...

It's been almost twenty years since we answered that question and scribbled those simple thoughts about Fat Boys Pizza on the back of a napkin (our first marketing plan). I was a recent graduate of MSU, and along with a great education (Go Green), I knew a thing or two about making pizzas from having taken a few spins on the corporate dance floor. I figured going into business on my own, even if I failed, I would still be fed.

So Fat Boys Pizza came to be, and I still remember the look on the faces of my Father (an IBM executive) and Mother (homemaker extraordinaire) as I showed off my dough flipping skills in my post -graduate professional dress....jeans and a t-shirt. "This is what we get after four years of college?!" was written all over them. But none of us could ever have imagined that Fat Boys Pizza would become such a great source of pride for all of us twenty years later, and a journey of a lifetime for me. With memories being made pizza by pizza the script continues to be written, so with that, my Mother thanks Father thanks you...and I thank you for making working in a t-shirt for a living so much fun!


Making Fat Boys Pizza At Home? Care, Prep & Cooking Instructions: 

Dough Care:

  • Once home best to put in a zip lock bag and refrigerate until used
  • If dough ball dries or crusts over due to air exposure, apply water and seal in bag to soften.

Pre Cook Prep and Consideration:

How we going to heat this culinary delight you’re whipping up? You have to remember that your oven isn’t quite set up like ours over here at Fat Boys. Although we can set them to the same temperature the ovens are not the same. The Fat Boys oven applies heat (like a blow dryer) to the pizza allowing it to cook quicker whereas your conventional oven is just a heated box. The conventional oven tends to burn the outside while our hungry bellies wait for the inside to cook properly on a standard cookie sheet or tin. If you are a pizza aficionado, connoisseur or do this on a regular basis I would suggest the following cooking tips... Continue Reading ›

Need it Catered?

Fat Boys pizza can with help business meetings, birthday parties, athletic events, graduations, or family get togethers. We can provide that great Fat Boys Pizza taste you've enjoyed since 1990 to your hungry crew. Outside our delivery area? No problem. We'll fly pie (deliver) anywhere in the Lansing area given ample Fat Boys Pizza for more info, pricing, and some restrictions.

Community Outreach


Fat Boys Pizza tries to fulfill as many of our donation requests as possible. We try to limit our assistance to those in need in the Holt area. Keep in mind we are approached almost daily! If you've got a good cause, please email Fat Boys Pizza and tell us about your event, who it benefits, and why we should help out. We prefer email because it's fast and eco-friendly. Remember to include your contact information and mailing address in the email.


Looking to raise money for your charitable organization or group? Give us a call with some of your ideas or use some of ours. We could always use a hand spreading the good word about Fat Boys Pizza and we'll rewards your efforts. How about: Selling Fat Boys Pizza at your next event? Selling Fat Boys Pizza Gift Cards? Or sponsoring a Fat Boys Pizza Night and netting some of the proceeds? Email da Fat Boy or call for more info.

Store Tours

So you wanna see how it's done? Think you can throw dough? Well come on in! We've done store tours for years. We tailor your tour of Fat Boys Pizza to your group, their interests, and age level with the main ingredient being FUN! Tours usually start around 9am and finish up by 10:30 am. You need to book well in advance and bring your video camera cuz these are a blast! (Click on the video on the left and turn up the speakers!) Interested? Email da Fat Boy or call 517-699-2400 for more info.

Birthday Club for Kids

Sign up for the Fat Boys Pizza Birthday Club today and Fat Boys Pizza will send you something special in time for your birthday. Include your name, age, birth date, phone number, email address, and street address and we'll get you signed up. Kids 15 and under please. Some restrictions apply. Email da Fat Boy

Competitors Coupons

Sure we take 'em cuz we're good sports and, hey, they can't make our pizza! But first a couple of rules: 1) Customer MUST mention coupon when ordering. 2) It must be a valid, redeemable, printed coupon from within our delivery area presented to Fat Boys for redemption. 3) Offer valid only for similar sizes offerings and custom made to order pizzas. 4) Competitor delivery charges, if any, do apply. 5) Gift certificates, gift cards, manager comp cards, and vouchers not accepted. So with that, have at it! Go find one of theirs and enjoy Fat Boys Pizza, the best in town!